Our Staff

David Torre

David started off in the family business as a young boy of just 15 years of age. Taking ownership of the family business in 2007, David is the proprietor and one of the many butchers of the one and only Torre Brothers, Lake Street Northbridge.

With two generations of butchers passing down their knowledge and skills to him, combined with the now 27 years working in the family business as a butcher and administrator of the company, David has a lot of experience. David's skill, passion and care with the meat, produce, clients and community are a true inspiration to those who know and meet him.

With an eye for the best cut of the best meat, chicken, beef, veal, David will work with your tastebuds and your budget to give you some of the finest quality meat you can buy.

Armar Sharma

Armar is our specialist at preparing all of our lovely gourmet products

Be it our lovely marinated capretto, our veal involtini, our chicken vege wraps, our Torre burgers or any of our other gourmet products, Armar is sure to add that special touch to making our meat products absolutely mouthwatering

Why not try one of our quail wrapped in pancetta stuffed with traditional stuffing today, you will be amazed as the divine subtle note's of pancetta infused into the quail taking your tastebuds to a whole new place.

Carl Torre

Born behind the Lake Street store along with brother’s Antonio and Rosario. Carl grew up in the area and has seen a lot of changes.

He started working in the business as a butcher in 1956 at the age of 20 years old when the store was then named 'Frank Torre and Sons' earning money for university, cars, etc. Retiring with wife Maria in 2007.

Even after retirement, Carl still travels to Gin-Gin every Sunday to hand pick and buy the meat for the store, as well as researching and selecting new products for the store.

You will still catch Carl working in the store on the odd occasion, especially at Christmas.

Ros Maxwell

Our administrative Wonder Woman.

Ros takes care of all of our bookwork ensuring the smooth running of our business from an administrive point of view.

Our customer face on the telephone, Ros is the one you can now put a face to the name when you phone in your order with us.

An avid Eagles supporter Ros loves her football and ensures we do too. You'll often see us give her a bit of grief over a bad play or two.

Sam Campo

A fully qualified butcher for over 44 years, 13 of which we have been lucky to have Sam with us. Sam is our special orders man along with serving you the best cuts of meat available.

If you're unsure of what to ask for, just ask Sam, he'll recommend to you what to buy, how to have it cut and maybe a tip or two on how to cook it, all based on your budget.

Johnathan Ward

Johnathan joined our staff in May 2012 as one of our qualified butchers.

Originally from Somerset in the UK he's been travelling around Australia on a working holiday with his French partner Anne.

A very creative person that loves to cook. Come in and see the creative meals he's made for you.

Darran Martin

David is a qualified butcher and joined us in February 2013.

Originally from Sydney David is another avid traveller. After spending some time travelling the world he now resides here in Perth with his partner Vanessa. He can tell you a tale or two about his travels as well as guide you as to which are the best cuts for your budget.

Jenny Stitt

Prior to joining Torre Butchers Jenny was part owner of Aussie Chook where Torre Butchers purchased chicken produce. Deciding not continue with Aussie Chook Jenny joined us in January 2013 as one of our casual team members.

An avid Collingwood supporter with a great sense of humour, Jenny brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to our team and helps keep the boys in line.