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Martelli Maccheroni

Martelli Maccheroni

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Maccheroni is a short, ribbed, tubed pasta perfect for serving with rich and hearty sauces made with beef, lamb, pork or game meats

Prep & Cooking Tips

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Perfect with cheese (formaggio) or a simple tomato sauce.

Source & Origins

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Martelli Maccheroni is a 100% handmade pasta produced by the Martelli family since 1926 near Pisa in the Tuscany region . Completely handmade from dough making till packing, Martelli pasta is produced with selected italian high protein content wheat and bronze-drawn that ensures a rough texture to better absorb sauces and seasoning. Using traditional natural drying that occurs at 32-36°C for 50 hours, this process preserves proteins from burning so Martelli pasta will be more tasty and easy to cook.

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