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Martelli Penne

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Short, smooth, quill-shaped pasta. Although these penne are not ribbed, the artisan production methods ensure the rough and porous surface will still adhere well to sauces.

Prep & Cooking Tips

Penne can be served with any sauce or pesto.

Source & Origins

Martelli Penne is a 100% handmade pasta produced by the Martelli family since 1926 near Pisa in the Tuscany region.

Completely handmade from dough making till packing, Martelli pasta is produced with selected italian high protein content wheat and bronze-drawn that ensures a rough texture to better absorb sauces and seasoning.

Using traditional natural drying that occurs at 32-36°C for 50 hours, this process preserves proteins from burning so Martelli pasta will be more tasty and easy to cook.

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